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Lil’ Lites 1-3s Micro LEDs

Tiny's LEDs

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Please message me on contact form or facebook if one of these is out of stock. These are built to order. 

The newest LED from Tiny's LEDs. 

Perfect for your 1-3s 65mm or similar micro quads. 

I suggest getting the Pre-Applied VHB option in cart. Buy 1x VHB per led you purchase. This will make LED installation super easy. 

Also grab a LED silicone 30AWG wire kit for super clean wiring. 

Input Voltage: 1-3s. (Min 3.7v : Max 13.5v)

Use 5v Regulator on FC/ESC for 1s operation. It draws only 60mA per led board, so it will not be a lot. Most FCs will have enough overhead to power 1-2 LEDs

Current Draw: 60mA

Dimensions:  15.9mm x 3.75mm 

Weight:  0.19 grams each

Contains: 1 LED

Wire to battery pads or to 5v/12v regulator. Use 30AWG silicone wire for best results.