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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

Femto Race 4 LED

Femto Race 4 LED

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The Femto Race 4 LED is the lightest LED on the market, designed specifically for racers where weight reduction is essential. With a weight of just 0.15 grams, it provides the performance required without the extra bulk. Comes with Pre-Applied VHB for easiest installation.Peel and stick on quad. 

You must use these Cables: 

4x 5 volt addressable LEDs.

Lite line is built for micros and will have no issues running off the onboard 5v regulators. 

Setup in Betaflight or Flight controller as 4 LEDs.


I = LED data IN

O = LED Data OUT

5 = +5volts


Dimensions: 4.75 x 14.5 mm 

Weight: 0.15 gram 

Includes: 1x LED

Current: 4x 15mA LEDs on White Color ( Max 60mA on White ) 

Note: The Femto Race Connectors current should not exceed 180ma  

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