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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

Femto Race Cable Kit

Femto Race Cable Kit

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The Femto Race Cable Set is perfect for the Femto race series. With an ultra-lightweight design, this cable set comes in 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm length options, ideal for any racing environment. Utilizing top-quality components, these cables are perfect for your Femto racing needs.

the 100mm Option has a loose wire tinned option to solder to non Femto Race PDBs but still use the LEDs. 


0.145 grams for 1x 60mm cable w/ heat shrink

0.17 grams for 1x 80mm cable w/ heat shrink

0.11 grams for 1x 100mm cable w/o heat shrink

0.10 grams for 1x 100mm cable w/ 1 connector

Includes: 5x Cables in selected length


Note: The Femto Race Connectors current should not exceed 180ma  

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