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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

Blinky Board

Blinky Board

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New for 2024: The Blinky Board,  4 Channel 2-6s LED Power Controller.  

1.5amp for each channel. 

Multiple Blinking modes selectable via button or PINIO signal from flight controller or other digital 3-5v input. 

Features JST-SH 2 pin connectors for easy use of the EASY LED series of leds and cable sets.  Use these with Easy LEDs, plug and play, or clip the wire and solder to your leds.

Cop Mode, Chase mode, Left -Right Flash (Shown in video), Double Flash. Solid On, Off. 

Button for mode control and Pin IO control for remote mode changes from Flight Controller. 

Requires 5 volt to power circuit. Can be pulled off of FC to power. It is very small amount of power. 

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