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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

3-6s EasyLED Thin

3-6s EasyLED Thin

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Same as the tiny ones, but a little more thin to fit on more arms of frames. 

Now with Easy JST-SH power connector and FREE Pre-applied VHB. 

Easy LED is great for quick installation. You only need to solder 2 power wires on the EasyLED PDB (Here) and plug in and mount leds to your quad. 


  • Size: 5.5 mm x 29.5 mm x 4mm (At connector height)
  • Voltage: 3-6s Capable LED
  • Features: 3x 5730 LED chips
  • Includes: 1x EasyLED

Warning: LEDs get extremely hot, be very careful when handling your quads with LEDs installed.


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