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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

X-Class xLED MAX

X-Class xLED MAX

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X-Class LED MAX 

LED QTY: 42 ws2812b LEDs Addressable***

Contains JST-GH 4 pin connector for easy wiring (not in current photo. will be updated with production image) Pin out in photos.

Also contains pads under connector if connector is damaged. 

Dimensions: 17.8 x 137 x 2.65mm

Weight: 13 Grams

Current Draw: 2.48 Amps on full white.  (820mA Per Color)


Contents: 1x xclass xled max 

***NOTE: LEDs are wired up in parallel. this will act as "1 LED" in Flight controller software. All lights will operate the same. This has a benefit. 1 led can be knocked off or break and will not affect any other lights. NO Christmas tree light effect here. 

These will require larger 5v Regulators. Please be aware of the higher 5v amp draw. 

There is a Data Out pad on each end. This will allow you to add a second board to operate as a second led. This second led will operate as second LED in the flight controller software. 


 Xclass x class 

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