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Whoop Podlite

Tiny's LEDs

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Whoop PodLite. Femto LED on a Whoop mounting pattern.

7x LEDs in series. 8th LED is output to all connectors for the arms. 

With or without connectors options. 

Current Draw: 7x 15mA LEDs on white 

Contains: 1x Whoop Podlite


Betaflight CLI Config Dump, Copy and Paste in CLI.

# feature
feature LED_STRIP

# led
led 0 2,3::C:1
led 1 3,3::C:1
led 2 4,3::C:1
led 3 5,3::C:1
led 4 6,3::C:1
led 5 7,3::C:1
led 6 8,3::C:1
led 7 7,5::C:10
led 8 8,6::C:10
led 9 9,7::C:10
led 10 10,8::C:10
led 11 11,9::C:10
led 12 12,10::C:10
led 13 13,11::C:10
led 14 14,12::C:10