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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

Tiny Trainer V2 LED Kit

Tiny Trainer V2 LED Kit

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Picked up a Five33 Tiny Trainer v2 from ? If not get one here:

Then pick up this kit to make it easy to light up like the big quads. 

Bottom of Whoop Podlite has pads for adding extra LEDs. 

This is The Basic Kit. If you want the DRL Edition kit get it here: 


Notes. The LEDs for the arms are a tight fit and are mean to press fit in to the plastic notched area. They will not rest on your motor wires. If they do not fit you may need to shave off the edge of the PCB with a file or razor blade. 


Standard Kit: 
4x TTv2 Arm LEDS

Pro Kit:  (add LEDs to bottom of arms.)

Standard Kit Plus:
1x 3a 5v regulator
4x TTv2 under arm LEDs

 Betaflight Setup. 

Here is a quick CLI command config for LEDS

# feature
feature LED_STRIP
# led
led 0 2,3::C:1
led 1 3,3::C:1
led 2 4,3::C:1
led 3 5,3::C:1
led 4 6,3::C:1
led 5 7,3::C:1
led 6 8,3::C:1
led 7 7,5::C:10
led 8 8,6::C:10
led 9 9,7::C:10
led 10 10,8::C:10
led 11 11,9::C:10
led 12 12,10::C:10
led 13 13,11::C:10
led 14 14,12::C:10
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