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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

TBS Nano/Nano32 Whoop VTX Sled

TBS Nano/Nano32 Whoop VTX Sled

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LED Color

V2 Now with 2x 5v FC Addressable LEDs. 

Will update wiring diagram shortly. All pads are clearly labeled. 

Now with through holes and Ability to power VTX from Lipo OR 5v.  New Boards now have a Solder bridge to select 5v or Battery Voltage on bottom . You must bridge one for power to vtx. 

Pick a LED color to light up your Whoop/ Micro Canopy.

 Includes 10k Smart Audio pulldown spot if needed when using a Unify Pro (not32) 

Built for whoop style AIOs

Receiver compatibility: This fits any RX that has a pin spacing of 2.54mm. All TBS and ImmersionRC Ghost RXs are 2.54mm as well as most Frsky RXs.  Express LRS Receiver ELRS receiver have some smaller receivers that will match up if you solder to the pads with pins. If you need pins for an ELRS rx please leave a note on your order or email back from your order confirmation. If nothing else small wires will work to clean up the traces to your RX. 

Sometimes the holes do not line up correctly with a few AIO boards. You can scrape the hole away until  it fits. the board was designed to allow a bit of modification around mounting without affecting function. 

Weight: .5 grams

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