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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

TBS Diversity Nano RX Mounting Board

TBS Diversity Nano RX Mounting Board

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Mounting for TBS Diversity Nano RX and Unify Pro32 on 30x30mm stacks.

It will also work with Regular Nano RX  as well. 


  • You must bridge solder selector on bottom of board for Crossfire RX or FC smart audio connection.
  • If you are not using a Pit switch for VTX connection, solder the 5v RX/VTX pad to pull 5v from the RX 5v pad to to power VTX. Do not connect both 5v RX and VTX 5v if this is bridged. 
  • Will require 6x pins 2.54mm pitch and 8x pins 2mm pitch to mount RX on board. ( Select "With Pins" to receive these.) 

Contents: 1 Mounting board

Weight: 2 grams

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