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Synergy F4 Flight Controller

Synergy F4 Flight Controller

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Synergy F4 AIO Flight Controller by Kevin “Whitenoise” Lee

"Everything but the trophy."

Now including free adapter for Wired mounting of Unify Nanos. This makes for easier repairs and removal. 

Don't forget to get a U.FL pigtail if you get a Unify Nano!

Please follow setup directions for TBS Unify PRO32. You will need to flash Betaflight 4.x.x for the new Smartaudio 2.1 compatibility.


TBS Nano 25/50mW NOTE:

If you are running a TBS Unify Nano please flash the  Synergy 3.5.7 AKK patch for the software patch to use Smart Audio 2.0 Lite. If you do not have a 10k ohm Resistor on your Nano mounting board adapter have Smart Audio issues. 


  • Processor:         STM32F405 (F4 processor)
  • Gyro:                 MPU6000
  • Loop:                 8k/8k
  • Input:                 2-6S (Max 28V)
  • Regulator:         Filtered 5V 3A
  • Receiver:        3.3V or 5V selectable
    • Inverted and non-inverted selectable receiver input.
  • Connectors:        
    • 8 pin JST-SH main connector2x 3 pin JST-SH
    • Addressable LED connectors (mirrored output)
  • Telemetry:         Current Sensor and ESC Telemetry Input
  • Blackbox:        128Mbit flash (16Megabytes)
  • Motor:                4 pwm motor outputs with D-Shot and Multishot support.
  • Mounting:        M3 30.5x30.5mm holes with soft mounting
  • Dimensions:         37x37mm
  • Weight:         7.5g
  • Camera:        Filtered 5V output


  • Direct mounting for Unify Pro (5V), Unify Nano, Unify Pro Nano32  (Nano VTXs use adapter board included.)
  • Direct mounting for TBS CrossFire Nano RX, TBS CrossFire Nano Diversity  RX, FR Sky XM+, and FR Sky R9m Mini (R9m Mini Adapter Included From Tiny's LEDs)
  • Header holes for direct receiver installation.
  • Built in camera control via single wire (analog only)
  • Built in Betaflight OSD
  • Buzzer: Dedicated pads for 5V (100mA max) buzzers.
  • Onboard addressable LED.
  • Built in Tiny’s LEDs RealPit VTX power switch (selectable between ON-OFF-Remote)
  • Receiver can be powered on via USB (VTX stays off)
  • SmartAudio:        Selectable between internal (FC controlled) and external (receiver). 
    • WHITE / BLACK: Aikon AK32 / Speedix Gs40
    • RED / BLACK: HobbyWing G2 45amp
    • If you have a different ESC, Please refer to the ESC Diagrams for Pinouts.


UART Info:

  • UART1: Receiver (FrSky, Spektrum, Crossfire, etc).
  • UART3: SmartAudio (or any other desired output if SmartAudio is selected to pull signal from the “external” pad, designated RX SA on the top of the FC).
  • UART6: ESC Telemetry (if applicable).




Pit mode “mode” selection in the modes tab will be used to control the vtx.  The above CLI commands set the mode switch to control the pin output instead of sending a command to the VTX to go to the “graveyard” channel.

        Before: Pit Mode - command VTX to go to its assigned graveyard channel via SmartAudio.

        After: Pit Mode - controls output of Pin B15 to output a “HIGH” or “LOW” command which controls the power that the VTX receives.  

Installation Video:

 Build Video and Review By theRCaddict

 *** FC does not include receiver or vtx. Picture for illustration only. 

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