Tiny's LEDs

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New batch in production now as of Nov. 11th. Still waiting on shipment. I will make announcements on Facebook and Instagram  for arrival. Please sign up for out of stock notifications. (They work, I manually send them out) 


How do you mount LEDs to the side of a quad? It has always been a challenge until now! Just Slide these on like a saddle on a horse. Easy to install, Compact and hard to damage. No extra weight of TPU mounting or special tape or glue. The most clean install possible. LEDs are configured to act as 1 chip in your configuration. This ensures maximum safety for racing. No strings going out due to a damaged chip. 

Grab a 4-pack to add one on each stack screw and save 4$. 

Select the Pre Wired option to get 1 LED with 4" of super thin 30ga silicone wire pre attached.  

Select Single to receive one LED. 

Dimensions: x x mm
Weight: 1 gram w/o wires
Current Draw: 150ma per board.

Voltage: 5 volts (Requires LED Signal)
Contains: 1, 4 or 1 with wires LED depending on choice. 

Saddlelites, saddle lites, satellites