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Project399 Practice Rig Taillight

Tiny's LEDs

Regular price $10.99

Custom LED panel for your Project399 Practice Rig.

49x LEDs setup as 1x LED in betaflight/flight Controller for redundancy. This draws upwards of 2 amps when on white color. Please dedicate a full 3amp reg to this single board. This is to assure it has the power it needs.  Project 399

 Get the Ultra Thin VHB added for at check out for easy & secure mounting. 

Check out the iFlight 3 Amp reg for a small 2-6s 5 volt regulator for your build. 

Contains: 1x piece

Dimensions:  41.5 x 33.65mm ( Custom cut to fit the half plates on top and bottom)

Weight: 5 grams