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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

Infini Rainbow LED Quad Kit (4-wire)

Infini Rainbow LED Quad Kit (4-wire)

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Photos and guide coming shortly. 

This is the ONLY kit on the market that allows plug an play 32 LED string for your quad.

Just Solder 3 Wires to Power and LED Data In and Plug in the rest. If using FC that has LED plugs just a simple plug in and paste LED config into Betaflight. 

This is the 4 wire edition Infini Rainbow. Upgraded Tiny Rainbow that will allow easier led wiring for single string series of leds. This is the END board for the string. You MUST end the string with END CAP board. The End cap board sends the signal back to the PDB or the LED DO on the Middle board 

 This board is built to go on top of your arm and then the end cap will go on the bottom of arm. This way all 32 LEDs on your quad top and bottom, would be individually controlled. 

This is for wiring LEDs that have a Data out.back form the end of the string of leds. THis will allow a daisy chaining of led boards to create one long string. In Flight controller you can assign each led  in the string a different color. This allows for easier cable management. 

NOTE : If using the LED PDB with connectors and connecting to a Flight controller that only has a 3 Wire LED cable. Please reference the PDB photo below on how to connect. The Ground should be close to edge of connect and there will be an open pin on opposite side of the ground (black) side of 4pin connector. If you do not plug in correctly you can damage the LEDs. 

If you have questions about setup please email.


Now with the option with or without connectors.


Middle Board 6.75mm x 38mm

End Board 6.75mm x 31mm

PDB 21mm x 15mm

Weight:  g with Connectors

grams without connectors


4x Infini Rainbow LED End board (4-wire) with or without connectors

4x Infini Rainbow LED Middle board (4-wire) with or without connectors

1x Infini Rainbow LED PDB  (4-wire) with or without connectors

1x 4 wire LED silicone cable kit 

 If purchased with connectors.

1x 2' 5v Addressable LED 30 AWG Silicone Wire kit (4 wire) 

If purchased without connectors.

LED Config for Betaflight: Copy and Paste in CLI

led 0 4,5::C:3
led 1 3,4::C:3
led 2 2,3::C:3
led 3 1,2::C:3
led 4 0,3::C:8
led 5 1,4::C:8
led 6 2,5::C:8
led 7 3,6::C:8
led 8 4,8::C:5
led 9 3,9::C:5
led 10 2,10::C:5
led 11 1,11::C:5
led 12 2,12::C:4
led 13 3,11::C:4
led 14 4,10::C:4
led 15 5,9::C:4
led 16 9,8::C:11
led 17 10,9::C:11
led 18 11,10::C:11
led 19 12,11::C:11
led 20 11,12::C:13
led 21 10,11::C:13
led 22 9,10::C:13
led 23 8,9::C:13
led 24 8,5::C:2
led 25 9,4::C:2
led 26 10,3::C:2
led 27 11,2::C:2
led 28 12,3::C:10
led 29 11,4::C:10
led 30 10,5::C:10
led 31 9,6::C:10


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