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iFlight Micro 2-8S BEC - 5V- 3 Amp / 12V 2 Amp Output

iFlight Micro 2-8S BEC - 5V- 3 Amp / 12V 2 Amp Output

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Please see the new v2 version. This blue pcb version has been discontinued. Please see new one. iFlight Micro 2-8S BEC V2- 5V- 3 Amp / 12V 2 Amp Output 


The iFlight Mirco BEC features step-down switch mode, high-efficiency synchronous rectification, and the ability to step down from an input voltage of up to 36V to a low output stable voltage, which makes it ideal for step-down voltage applications.

It offers a very compact solution to achieve 2A/3A output current over a wide input supply voltage (5 to 36V).

* Short connect ON-12V, the output voltage is 12V 2A. When disconnected, the output voltage is 5V 3A.


- Step-down switch mode
- High-efficiency synchronous
- Wide 5V to 36V Input voltage range
- The voltage output can be 5V or 12V adjustable. (default 5V)


- Input voltage: 2-8S(5-36V)
- BEC Output: 5V/3A, 12V/2A (default 5V/2A)
- Size: 14*11*1mm
- Pins distance: 2.54mm
- Weight: 0.8g

Package Included:

- iFlight Mirco 2-8S BEC - 5V/12V Output * 1pc
- Connecting cables *1 set



Regulator 5 volt 6s 

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