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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

RF Wireless LED Strip Controller Mini Dimmer RF Remote DC 5V 12V 24V Controller For LED

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Take your 3-6s Tiny's LEDs and make them flash and dance. Wire this up to any single color LED and select your mode.

11 Keys LED Strip Controller Mini Dimmer RF Remote DC 5-24V Controller For LED Single Color


1,12-24V Optional
2Power: 72W.
0-12V dimming, brightness adjustment for monochromatic light bar, with eight kinds of dynamic flashing function
10 m monochromatic light bar


Not including the battery

1. slim light box, lighting, signs, advertising signs, etc.
2. In the high-end stores, shopping malls and other indoor commercial lighting atmosphere
3. entertainment, beauty salon lightingKara OK and other mood lightingfashion lighting;
Mood lighting 4. bars, KTV, cafes and other leisure venues
5. crafts light, car decoration, decorative lighting yacht
6. for the path and contour signs, illuminated signs, etc.
7. shopping malls, hotels, exhibition halls, outdoor decoration and other places
8. Decorative architectural landscape lighting, home decoration, city lighting