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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

ColorControl - FPV LED Controller

ColorControl - FPV LED Controller

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ColorControl LED controller

Inspired from a few products that no longer are on the market. I wanted a new form factor and more options of LEDs. The ColorControl was born. 

It has 4x JST-SH 3 pin outputs for direct use of TinyRainbow or Femto series leds. Soldering pads for direct wiring. (Connectors can be desoldered/ removed for super slim install) 

Each Output acts the same. The first LED on each connector will be LED 1 

Built in 3 AMP 5v regulator to power your LEDs. 2-6s input. 

 Links to Wiring  

Links to TinyRainbow LEDs or  Femto LEDs


Default Configuration: 

LEDs: 4 Color: Red Mode: Solid

Button Pressed & Held for 0.Xs:

Change Color

0.5s - Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Pink / Purple / White / Rainbow

Change Mode

1.0s - Solid / Sparkle / Cylon / Quick Cylon / Chase / Blink / Off

Set LED Quantity (1-32)

2.5s - Enter Set LED String length menu,

1 press to increase LED by count of 1. LED will light red. 
      1 LED / 2 LEDs / ... / 32 LEDs

2.5s - Press and hold to save and exit. 

9.0s - Reset to Default Settings





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