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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

9 x 9mm Rainbow Motor LED (4-Pack)

9 x 9mm Rainbow Motor LED (4-Pack)

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Add 1 LED under the motors for micro motors. This is built for 9 x 9mm mounting motors only. Very light weight for micro builds. 

Small but just as bright as the bigger chips. 
each chip is addressable in beta flight. Power by 5v each led uses less than 16mA on full white.
Use with a tiny rainbow pdb or Infiniti’s bow pdb for easy wiring. 

If you are using a frame with less than 4 mounting screws don’t worry about the overhanging screw holes. They may be easily clipped with out worrying about damaging the LEDs. 

Each kit comes with 4 motor LEDs. 

If you would like wiring spring on how you will use it check out these options. 
3wire or 4wire kits 


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