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3s-6s RGB LED w/ Low Profile DIP Switch

Tiny's LEDs

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This was inspired from the other dip switch LEDs on the Market. I was unhappy at how big the other dip switches were. 5.5mm tall, that is massive. They are almost 3 times as high as high as the led chip itself. . So I found a better dip switch. It’s half the height of others. I also dropped the length by 12 mm and retained all functions of other dip switches. It features 3x 5050 RGB LEDs and operates up to 6s direct Lipo voltages. Use these for events that require addressable LEDs that you don't want to use FC 5 volt LEDs.  


1x LED board Per order. 

These are using an expensive low profile DIP switch. They are much smaller than the current DIP switch LEDs in height and length.

All boards will include Free VHB applied. This will make mounting easier. 

  • 7 colors ( Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple/Pink, Cyan, White)
  • Dimensions: 8.2mm x 28.5mm x 3.48mm (Dip Switch Height) | 2.6mm (LED Height)  
  • Voltage: 3-6s (10-27v)

Color Breakout:

      Diagram Coming Soon

 Warning: LEDs get extremely hot, be very careful when handling your quads with LEDs installed.