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Brand:Tiny's LEDs

3-6s SideCar LEDs (30.5x30.5mm)

3-6s SideCar LEDs (30.5x30.5mm)

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Same As the 3-6s Tiny LED's but made for mounting on 30.5 x30.5mm  stacks.  Adjustable mounting protrudes from stack to fit wiring needs


  1. Slide mounting tabs into mounting holes on led.
  2. Align evenly between both tabs.
  3. Apply small amount of solder to tab on both sides to affix to the led mounting boards.
  4. Mount on stack and wire to 3-6s power. 

If you would want to 3d print a mount the dimensions of the holes are. 

* 1.05mm x 2mm and 20mm on center 

  • Size:  35mm x 5mm
  • Current: 50-100mA
  • Voltage: 3-6s Capable LED
  • Features: 3x 5730 LED chips
  • Includes: 2x SideCar LEDs with 5x Mounting Tabs

Warning: LEDs get extremely hot, be very careful when handling your quads with LEDs installed.

Only LEDs are included in purchase. 


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