Racelite LEDs Instructions

How to install Racelite LEDs on your WhitenoiseFPV Racewire boards.

Purchase them here:

Regular Size:  https://tinysleds.com/collections/frontpage/products/racelites-for-racewire 

Mini Size: https://tinysleds.com/products/racelite-mini-leds-for-racewire-mini 

1. Using 1 Racewire and 1 Racelight LED

2. Align pads on each end of Racelite LED board over the Racewire pads. Align the board so there are equal sides showing of the race wire pads.

3. Clamp together  and Solder each pad making sure to bridge the Racelite LED pads to the Racewire pads. 

4. Finished solder pads should look like this.



5. Lighting the bottom of your quad. 

Using the Pads labeled " 1 , 2 , 3" on the top Racelite board. Mount additional Racelites to the bottom of your arm. Be sure to insulate against the carbon. Once mounted under arm, Use small gauge wire to connect the pads to the same numbered pads on the bottom of the board.