RaceLiteWire Mini 5v Addressable LEDs (4-Pack)

Tiny's LEDs

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  • This is a 4 pack of RaceLiteWires 5v
  • These are integrated Racewire and Racelites.
  • These are 5volt only FC controlled Addressable LEDs
  • You must wire a Ground, 5volts, LED Data to these in addition to the motor wires. 
  • These are seen as 1 LED in Betaflight. This was designed to be resilient against damage. So they will all be one color. 1 LED can be knocked off and the others will still be lit. 
  • These were designed because the Bolt RC edition LEDs did not work with my FCs. I sourced a new WS2812 led chip that will work better with betaflight. 


  • Dimensions:8 x 27 mm
  • Voltage: 5 Volts
  • Contents: 4x RaceLiteWire 5v