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Super Bright Drone Airplane Strobe LED Light

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This drone strobe light is designed to be as light, minimalistic and as powerful as possible. It satisfies all the FAA/CAA guidelines set out for anti-collision lighting on drones. Due to its compact size and minimal weight this unit can be fitted to any drone, DJI, Autel, Parrot, Yuneec etc.

The unit weighs 5 grams, can charge a single cell lithium polymer battery via a micro USB and is highly visible from a full 360 degrees, in a bright colour of your choosing.  


The simplicity of this unit makes it truly unique. There is a single on/off switch located on the left-hand side of the Micro USB charge connector, the LED light is centrally located on the top of the unit. There is a single green status light located above the on/off switch indicating that the circuit has been powered on. There is also an orange status light on the right-hand side of the unit to indicate the unit is charging - this light turns off when the battery is finished charging. The unit is securely wrapped in heavy duty heat-shrink sleeving to protect the PCB from physical damage.  

Please Note.

This unit does not have a battery! This unit is tailored to those who want to supply their own battery or system regulated voltage. This strobe operates between 3.75 and 4.2V.



  • Size: 32 x 24 x 10 (L x W x H mm)
  • Weight: 5g
  • Light intensity: 500 Lumens
  • Light colour: cool white, red or green, (colour is specified per unit and not switchable)
  • Light setting: single strobe mode
  • Strobe run time: 2 hours
  • Active limp mode run time: 15min
  • Power ON status light: yes (green)

q       Battery charging: micro USB

  • Battery charge status light: yes (orange)
  • Mounting: 3M dual lock system (recommended)
  • Control: single on/off power switch, anti-tamper
  • Compatibility: can be secured to any drone
  • Housing: none (protective heat-shrunk covering)