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Disposable Face Masks (10 Pack)

Tiny's LEDs

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I ordered masks for personal use, But needed to buy many more than I needed to meet order MOQ. I am selling them at cost So Please do not choose the free shipping option. 

They come sealed in a pack of 10 masks. Size:175 x 95mm  

The CDC recommends wearing a face-covering in public, where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, and in areas of significant community-based transmission. These disposable face masks help block exhaled droplets to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. These masks will eliminate the risk of all diseases and infection. They are used to help prevent the spread of disease and sickness. If a mask is damaged or soiled, or if breathing becomes difficult, remove the mask, and dispose of it in accordance with CDC guidelines. Each mask is only intended for a single-use.

These are not for international customers. US Only. 

Tiny's LEDs assumes no liability in use of masks purchased.