Hyphy Multirotors

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The New and Improved turtle mode topper. 


  • Super durable, will not break. Very difficult to bend. 
  • Ultra lightweight. No more heavy tpu mounts or toppers.
  • Works with top and bottom mount frames.
  • Flipsticks can be cut to length for your specific quad. Cut in half should be high enough for any quad.  Just print your own mount and add second section to another quad.
  • Slide on any M3 standoff to use. 
  • NOTE: Color of print is random. This is depending on what is loaded in printer at time of purchase. 
  • Prints are available here: 


Weight: 5.3 grams  at 155mm length with mount. 

Dimension:  155 x 4.70 mm ( LxW)

Contents: 1x Flipstick, end cap, TPU print for knurled M3 standoffs