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Custom Color LEDs

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This is where you can order custom colors. Three chips to a board, pick your color for each chip. 

Please Choose what colors you would Like to the order notes. Select the Board type you would like and Voltage from drop downs. 

TOP | MIDDLE | BOTTOM Is the order of the colors. Please use that format.

Colors are Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow, UV

All orders must be reviewed manually reviewed for functionality. Some colors need to be in specific order, I will contact you if there are any concerns. 

Note:  White is very overpowering. If you would like white on your board it was advised only have one with any other color. 


Some known working color combos:

Watermelon: Pink | Green | Pink

Murica’: Red | White | Blue

StealthzFPV combo: Red | Red | White. 

The StopLight: Red | Yellow | Green 

Police: Red | Red | Blue

Blue | White | Blue. 


NOTE:  Orange and Yellow colors are Reverse Polarity. Please wire JUST those colors up backwards. Sorry for the confusion.

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